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Professional Cash Advance has established itself as a leader in the business cash advance industry. Our mission is to help businesses succeed by offering simple and effective programs for business financing with a focus on quality service.

The Funding Director David Ross has been in the cash advance industry since 1999. He has worked as Sales Broker ISO Director and now has his own brokerage house that caters to the funding needs of merchants.  He has strong working relationships with dozens of national lenders in the industry.  He is known for getting any business type funded and for matching any competitive rate on the market to serve his clients. This is crucial for merchants not to waste time with the wrong bank that does not fund their business type.

This is a 90% broker driven market . Our unsecured business cash advance program makes borrowing money simple and quick, and without all the strict application requirements normally associated with business loans.

This program works for business owners on a variety of levels when small business loans are either unattainable or not suitable due to repayment schedules or credit history.

Our lending consultants make the entire process an easy experience for the client right from the beginning. We work to achieve top results and maintain client confidence as industry leaders.

Obtaining capital from banks or traditional loan companies is a difficult and lengthy task. Fortunately, ProfessionalCashAdvance.com offers a simple funding alternative for businesses striving to grow and prosper. We get deals done when all other banks say “no” to certain business types and a  99% approval rating for submissions with over 15 lenders.

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