Business Cash Advance

Why Business Cash Advance?

Business Cash Advance is a great alternative form of business financing in today’s unsure economic climate. Unlike traditional bank loans that have a rigorous qualification process and limited chance for funding, Business Cash Advance has comparatively HIGH APPROVAL RATES with QUICK FUNDING.

Even if you are turned down for a conventional bank loan, you could still qualify for a Business Cash Advance. This unique program allows business owners to acquire an advance of money based on future credit card sales, allowing them to receive immediate working capital to grow or sustain their business. Business Cash Advance continues to grow in popularity due to the tight credit environment created by the current economic climate.

Benefits of Business Cash Advance Include:

No Collateral or Personal Guarantee

Since the cash advance is based on future income, merchants are no longer required to provide a personal guarantee or collateral in order to be approved for funding.

No Fixed Payment

Repayment is based on a percentage of credit card sales, so repayment does not place a burden on the merchant during downturns in business. If cash flow is lower, so is the merchant’s repayment amount.

No Business Use Restriction

Merchants know their businesses better than anyone, so they are the best judges of how funding can be used to improve their bottom line.  As a good business practice we do encourage our clients to use our Cash Advance program to reinvest into

their company by advertising to increase brand recognition, adding inventory to expand current offerings or updating company equipment. There are endless opportunities with a Business Cash Advance.

Easy application and funding

Our Business Cash Advance application is only one page and is easy to complete.  It should only take a few minutes with approval in as little as 24 to 48 hours. Funding for a Business Cash Advance is usually completed within one week.  Get your business cash advance today!

How Can Business Cash Advance Help Your Business Today?

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