Cash Advance Business Loans Update

Cash Advance Business Loans Update

Market Trends

As of Jan 2011 Professional Cash Advance has seen the market trends go to another level with the cash advance business loans industry.  So many merchants that would otherwise get funded from banks are starting to understand that the Cash Advance Business Loans program is here and waiting for those who need business funding.  Many thousands of merchants still don’t know that they qualify for this funding and that there are hundreds of millions of dollars available in 2011.

Credit Scores and Cash Advance Business Loans

Merchants that have excellent credit scores are mentioning that they love the effortless process that Cash Advance Business Loans offer, with 7 day turn around and renewal of cash advance at the 50% mark.  All this does is enhance the working capital that any merchant can use to there advantage, especially retail since the market has already shown there is a 35-50% increase in revenue in the retail statistics of merchants that have used this product.

Lender Terms For Cash Advance Business Loans

In 2011 expect to see many more business lenders getting aggressive again and funding merchants that, as of 9 months ago, were being declined at a high rate.  Also on the rise are different programs available to business owners regardless of credit, and in some cases negative bank statements.  In addition to the 9-month and 12-month programs that are available to qualifying merchants, with a few lenders there are longer programs that extend up to 18 months thus allowing the monthly payback to be very low.

Cash Advance Business Loans Starter Programs

Another growing trend is Starter Programs.  They are perfect for business owners who are processing $15k per month or under as they may be able to qualify for 50% of the processing as a starter advance, and still get the cash they are looking for by renewing again in less than 3 months.  We have seen countless merchants thrive from the starter program and many lenders will give better rates on the 2nd and 3rd advance if the merchant pays back in a timely fashion.

Professional Cash Advance prides itself in being able to serve its clients by providing quick access to Cash Advance Business Loans in a timely fashion while beating the rates of its competitors.


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